Tom and Nancy Lin

Leading a Global Missions Movement among University Students and Faculty (@tomlinnow)

I’ve been recently excited about the development of common vision around Scripture engagement among various ministry organizations and leaders. It is one of our 4 objectives for Urbana 12, to see student’s not only study the biblical basis for missions but also grow to love studying God’s Word.  In November, a national Summit in Orlando around Scripture engagement will involve various organizational leaders.  Next week, I head to Wycliffe Bible Translator Board meetings, where the Directors are passionate about advancing the work of Bible translation. And in my role in InterVarsity, I also see significant new initiatives around Scripture engagement, esp. engaging young students in God’s Word and growing them to be passionate about God’s Word.

We just launched a new online daily, inductive Bible study for students called “Thirsty” — which provides a passage and 3 inductive questions, delivered each day to your inbox or smartphone. Those who would like to discuss the passage or share personal application can interact on the daily “Thirsty” site or Facebook page.  (See a video introduction in my prior blog post.)  Two of my current staff and one of my former staff are significant leads in this new initiative, so I’m especially proud of this good work!

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